12th International Conference and Exhibition on Electrical Power Quality and Utilisation (EPQU’2020)


Dear EPQU’2020 participants,

We want to share good news – your papers were processed successfuly by IEEE and they are available in IEEE Xplore database under the name:

2020 12th International Conference and Exhibition on Electrical Power Quality and Utilisation (EPQU) – Conference Proceedings


Once more, thank you for participation.


Dear EPQU’2020 participants,

The time of the Conference (14-15/09/2020) is quickly approaching. The EPQU’2020 conference programme with the date and time of presentation of individual publications is now available in menu Call for Papers-Programme.

Due to the nature of the online conference, it is necessary to provide the persons who will present the papers in advance and to train them briefly in the use of the Cisco WebEx tool and to enable the presentation attempt.

Trial training for presenters will be held next week.

Please provide the personal data of the persons presenting the paper:
1. first name and surname
2. e-mail address
3. mobile phone no.
4. title of presented paper

Please provide above information in reply to the email you received from EasyChair system. Thank you.


Dear EPQU’2020 participants,

Conference Programme with its sessions was published on our Programme page https://www.epqu2020.agh.edu.pl/?page_id=152#programme


Dear EPQU’2020 participants!

The organizing committee strives to meet the IEEE requirements to be able to publish your work as intended in the IEEE Xplore.

Due to the IEEE requirements, we decided to enable speakers to present papers during online meetings. We will propose dates for online presentations in groups of several papers. The order of presentation will depend on sending of the final versions of articles after correction. We ask you to send back final versions of papers after taking into account the comments of reviewers as soon as possible.

At the same time, after finalization of the review process, which we hope will take place at the turn of May and June, it will be possible to prepare extended/changed versions of your work for journals (e.g. Energies – EPQU2020 Special Issue or Priodica Polytechnica Electrical Engineering and Computer Science indexed in Scopus). There will be also a new possibility of publication in the Przegląd Elektrotechniczny (http://pe.org.pl) after minor changes (with EPQU reviews).

EPQU’2020 Organizing Committee


Dear Sirs,

In the attention to the health of the participants of the EPQU’2020 conference, with respect and understanding to the recommendations of state authorities, university and companies authorities and the current epidemiological situation related to the spread of the SARS-CoViD-19 virus, the Organizing Committee unanimously decided to postpone the date of the EPQU’2020 conference.

In the current dynamic situation of epidemic development in the world and in Poland, it is currently not possible to specify a new, possible date for the conference. Therefore, this date will be determined in the future.

Thank you all for announcing your participation in the conference. We also thank the authors of the publications, exhibitors and everyone who collaborated on preparation of the conference and on reviewing of the submitted publications. Many thanks to sponsors and co-organizers.

All payments you have made to the conference account will be refunded.

We will inform you about further decisions on the continuation of the conference as soon as possible.

EPQU’2020 Scientific Committee
EPQU’2020 Steering Committee
EPQU’2020 Organizing Committee

The 2020 Electrical Power Quality and Utilisation Conference and Exhibition (EPQU), organized by international consortium of Polish universities, international research organizations, and domestic utilities, provides a unique forum for the PQ engineers, researchers, equipment manufacturers, and other PQ professionals to present their work and share experience in the area of power quality and utilisation of efficient energy solutions. Participants of EPQU’20 will discuss different aspects of power quality phenomena, cost-effective solutions, and applications as well as different issues of electrical energy utilisation.

Two Polish universities, AGH University of Science and Technology and the Lodz University of Technology, jointly publish an international periodical on power quality and utilisation, entitled ‘Electrical Power Quality and Utilisation Journal’ (EPQU Journal). More information can be found at http://www.epqu.agh.edu.pl/.